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"Debes Chino is a young writer and motivational speaker who you can tell is widely read. I am encouraged to see a young man that possesses such a wide range of erudition."

Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, Kiev, Ukraine.

"I call you Mr. President and I know why. You've tremendously impacted a whole lot in my life. Thank you so much for all the lessons and teachings I received from IMS2015. It has changed the way I speak, dress and talk to people. I encourage you to keep IMS running, and do not stop touching lives."


Dr. Ibrahim Jatau

(Participant, IMS 2015)

"I acknowledge Debes Chino and his crew (DC Editorial) for a wonderful editing service rendered for my debut, THE PURCHASIVE FAITH. Debes Chino is a gift and a golden blessing."

Rev Dr. Anthony Olisaokafor

Snr. Pastor, HOSEM Mission International, London, United Kingdom.

"Diligence is one attribute that distinguishes a leader, he will definitely stand before kings. This, I have seen and learnt from Debes Chino. IMS 2015 was an experience that made a mark in my life. It brought to light the leader in me, positioning me in every way to serve my gifts to the world. Thank you so much for IMS. It is indeed a life-changing platform."


Ugwuanyi Peace Chimdindu

(Participant, IMS 2015)

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