The Conscientious Emblem is a book for the present generation of youth and people that aspire to acquire direction towards their places of success & new heights through moral standard principle in a world of competitive challenges. It is educative, informative and drives examples of historic personalities whose conscience impregnated national & international transformations and reputation across colour, culture & codes. This book is a vision for mission impossible and a handy compass for the want, to become. (Click on the bookcover to get a copy from my publisher, AuthorHouse UK, or buy directly from Amazon)

Our Future Geneation... is a must read for our youths in this jet age. This book will make them understand and know that they are really the leaders of tomorrow. They must learn the principles of greatness and that there is no shortcut to quality, strong and durable success. If our society must change for good from what it is now: from corruption of individuals and those at different government's seats, from killing, massacring and kidnap of innocent souls and deceit, then our youths must face the challenges of life with right attitude, trusting God for grace to make a better tomorrow. (My debut in the publishing world is currently out of stock)


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