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I remember my first public speaking training with IMS (by Debes Chino) in my 1st year in Uni. I was a scaredy-cat, I spoke so fast, looking up to the ceiling, just to shield my fear. Today, it’s an honour and a great opportunity to share and train other young people.

Dr. Ugwuanyi Chimdindu

Founder, Speak Out Africa Movement


Debes Chino is a young writer and motivational speaker who you can tell is widely read. I am encouraged to see a young man that possesses such a wide range of erudition.

Dr. Sunday Adelaja

GO, Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, Ukraine


When you surround yourself with positive minded people results begin to show. My special adviser, there has never been a dull moment with you. Thanks a lot for always impacting in me

Mukoro Precious, MD

Founder, Crystal Empire


Debes Chino is a gift & a golden blessing.The Conscientious Emblem is a vision for mission impossible and a handy compass for the want to become. It is educative, informative and drives examples.

Dr. Anthony Olisaokafor

Senior Pastor & GO, HOSEM International, London, UK


Still waters run deep, sometimes, we might not see it, but the impact we wield goes beyond our eyes. For everyone I've touched positively in all regards, you touched Sir. I celebrate you for your impacts, for being a good example for others, for all you've taught me and others. You are a star, you deserve some accolades.

Dr. Ibrahim Musa Jatau

MBBS, MSc, PhD Candidate


"You never might know them until they are distinguished from the crowd” - to the Author, on THE CONSCIENTIOUS EMBLEM

Prof. Igor V. Zadnipryany

HOD, Top. Anatomy Department, Medical Academy, CFU, Russia


Debes Chino has done a great work in putting priceless truth together” - on THE CONSCIENTIOUS EMBLEM

Dr. Olusola Idowu

Founder, Plus Factor Ministries


You’re someone who drew me close and observing you alone, the writer in me came alive! My secondary school stories won’t be complete without you. Those words you spoke were highly impactful. The guide, advice, care and your wisdom in the fear of God shaped me.Dr. Debes Chino, you’re a great asset.

Emeli Favour Ebuka

Founder & CEO,

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