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▶This label is a part of Debes Chino Motivational Link (DCMLink) aimed at recognizing great authors and their books and reaching out to millions of wonderful readers through Every-Week-A-Book Inspiration and at minimum, 52-Books-A-Year.




  • For Authors, as a label of recognition for marketing, announcing upcoming projects and possible debut for the new pulished Authors in the publishing world.

  • For Readers/Audience, as a platform with listing of books with summaries that inspire millions to success, with a closer direction to the Authors and their dominant markets. In addition, discounted books and lots of giveaways (free books). Readers can comment on how each book announcement has played a good part in their lives, as an encouragement for someone who's planning to get the book or who hasn't read it.




"Secrets are hidden in books and readers eventually become leaders."



In addition, you have the opportunity to summit any book that has touched your life and that of your friend, for possible review. And you can also place an advert to announce your book and draw readers to your circle.



For submissions, your stories or advert enquiries, email



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               You're an AUTHOR or a READER, everyone is in at least ONE category.

Everyone is a winner.

You're the winner!




BOOKOVATION. . . Inspiring millions to success, giving ovation to books.

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